GSA FABS Schedule

GSA FABS Schedule 520-15

Contract Name: Pharmacy Prescription Claims Processing Services

Contract Number: GSA Schedule Contract GS-23F-0047U

Contract Expiration Date: July 21, 2023

DUNS: 833174340

Prompt Payment Terms: 0% Net 30

Heritage Health Solutions Contact Email:

Heritage Health Solutions, Inc. has been awarded the GSA Pharmacy Prescription Claims Processing Services contract, which enables us to easily engage in pharmacy solutions for Veterans. Heritage, a GSA FABS 520-15 Solution for Pharmacy Services, provides competitive pricing, unparalleled customer service, and robust management resources that allow its customers to manage both their health care delivery and achieve their health care cost goals. Heritage is financially sound and fully capable of transitioning and supporting tasks without interruption of service.

Heritage provides a wide range of health care services at all experience levels under the Pharmacy Prescription Services contract and brings each of its customers:

• A national network of over 68,000 pharmacies including major chain and community-based
   availability with fully licensed and trained pharmacists
• Deep discounts on both generic and brand drugs
• Complete formulary management
• Ability to bring a new contract on line within 7 to 10 business days
• Dynamic "on demand" patient enrollment that eliminates the needs for managing and
   continually updating a patient enrollment list
• Real-time instantaneous claim adjudication when prescriptions are entered
• Direct customer service support and telephone call-in number
• Capability for quick entry of pre-authorizations to help minimize inconvenience to patients
• Rapid response to customer's changing needs, e.g., formulary revisions, additional pharmacy coverage
• Customized reporting package

For more information please visit the GSA Advantage website