Pharmacy Benefit Management

Comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions 

Heritage provides transparency, customized reporting, and analytics that give each client the ability to measure value and the services delivered. Coupled with Heritage’s team of experts and innovative capabilities, we bring together the best-in-class technology, proven pharmacy management principles, and advanced clinical programs so that clients have a customized solution that meets their employee’s needs. By providing transparency, customized reporting, and analytics, clients have the ability to measure value and the services delivered. Our PBM solutions include:

  • Specialty Pharmacy
    • Delivery Options
    • Personalized Care
    • Claims Assistance
    • Treatment Assistance
  • Mail Order Solutions
    • Convenient and Efficient
    • Remote Area Delivery
    • Package Receipt
  • Clinical Solutions
    • Utilization Management
    • Prior Authorization Process
    • Medication Therapy Management

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